Service Solutions Consulting

Who are we?

We are - Channel profitability improvement consultants

Providing Business management consultancy on strategic service design, customer experience and cross channel sales and productivity improvements

What do we do?

Improve the profitability of customer contact channels 

How do we do it?

By optimising the 'value' of every contact with your customer.

We understand 

  •  the drivers of contacts from a business and customer perspective, both reactive and proactive
  • the activities associated with each contact  and their effectiveness  -People, Process and Systems

from which we then

  • identify the opportunity cost for each activity 
  • design and deliver with you the best service experience to meet your strategic objectives

Every contact is an opportunity to impress - or not!

Every business knows this! but it's easily lost in the daily priorities of operations. 

We show you quickly - using our proven methodology - where and how to focus on the contacts that add value for both you and your customer and how to minimise those that don't

Why partner with us?

We work with you

Collaboration, engagement, expertise and innovation all supporting your shared strategic focus 

It's not all about new technology

We work with the resources you have today. We know your external service can not exceed your internal service so we start right there -

Re-designing, analysing, coaching, mentoring and re-crafting your service experience to 'quickly' achieve the performance you need today - whilst helping you strategically plan for tomorrow

You have the ability today

To design your service experience to maximise the value from every customer contact 

We just help you realise it!

About Us

Our team

Operational and analytical customer contact specialists with expertise across all channels  to define, design and deliver the service experience to meet your strategic objectives 

Our history

Founded in 2004 by like-minded customer service and call center- specialists. Our business management consulting services have been developed with the customer truly at the centre of all we do and the basis behind our systematic approach 

Our mission

To grow your business today and meet the ever changing demands of the customer  tomorrow - by doing what you do, better, faster and more effectively 

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